2018 Porsche Macan S Review – What About Features And Specifications Of Macan S?

2018 Porsche Macan S

The 2018 Porsche Macan S stands out as a proper luxury vehicle among all the new Porsche vehicles. Its exterior and interior features make it a real pleasure to drive, and it comes equipped with a powerful engine that allows you to get up to a maximum speed of 211 km/h. In addition, it also has an auto start/stop system that will enable you to save on gas and emissions.

Engine options

Depending on which trim you choose, you’ll have a different engine. The base model produces 252 horsepower, while the Turbo has a 3.6-litre twin-turbo V-6 that puts out 440 horsepower. Each engine is linked to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The Macan Turbo has adaptive air suspension, full leather upholstery, Bose audio, and navigation. The Performance package includes a sport mode that helps the car run from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Alternatively, you can add the Sport Chrono package, which is aimed at the sportier side of the driver. You can also add larger brake pads. Check out the huge inventory of 2018 Porsche Macan Sport Edition

The Sport Chrono package allows you to customise the car’s performance to your tastes. You can get a dash-mounted stopwatch and the option to choose unique sports modes. There’s also a Sport Chrono package with the Sport Plus mode. It’s not a powerful addition, but it can make the car go from 0 to 60 mph in a faster 4.5 seconds.

The Macan also comes with a rearview camera and lane departure warning. There’s also a power liftgate and rear privacy glass.

All Macan trims now come standard with Adaptive Cruise Control. Macan’s infotainment system is simple to operate. You can also get Apple CarPlay and wireless internet access. The centre console also has a tray for your smartphone.

The Macan S comes with a 7-inch touchscreen, 19-inch wheels, Bluetooth connectivity, LED headlights, roof rails, a power liftgate, lane departure intervention, and automatic wipers.

Interior and exterior colours

Depending on your preferences, the Porsche Macan is available in more than thirteen colours. You can also choose from a range of metallic and custom colours.

Porsche has been committed to offering various options for customers to customise their vehicles. For example, you can choose from two turbocharged engines: a 252-hp turbocharged inline-4 or a 360-hp twin-turbo V-6. You can also choose between three trim levels: Premium, Sport Edition, and GTS. You can also opt for a two- or four-door model.

Plenty of cool features make the Macan one of the best sports cars to own. For example, you can have the car equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission, which means you will get a smooth ride. It also features an advanced infotainment system that makes connecting to your smartphone easier. The new Macan also features a redesigned rear fascia and a revised steering wheel generation that allows perfect control.

Another impressive feature is the Macan’s adaptive air suspension, which optimises traction and stability. The Macan also features active aerodynamics and a redesigned rear fascia. It also features a shutter door on the front grille, which improves airflow and cools the engine.

The Porsche Macan has some minor enhancements for 2018. These include a more powerful V6 engine, a redesigned rear fascia, and an updated infotainment system. The new Macan consists of a lane-departure warning system, a power-operated liftgate, and rain-sensing windshield wipers.

Fuel economy

Despite its small size, the Porsche Macan S delivers a good balance between performance and fuel economy. The base model uses a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder, which produces 252 hp. This engine is paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. It’s rated to get 19 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

Porsche Macans are available with a variety of suspension setups. The entry-level Macan uses a four-cylinder engine, while the S and GTS models are equipped with a twin-turbo V-6. While the V6’s fuel economy isn’t a significant problem on the highway, it’s a bit thirstier in town.

The Sport Chrono package includes launch control and driving modes. It’s also possible to order standalone lane-keep assist and lane-change assist.

The Macan’s seats are firm and well-bolstered. The cabin is comfortable, and Porsche offers lots of aluminium trim. The Macan also offers a high-tech infotainment system. It has a navigation system, Apple CarPlay, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. The rearview camera is included as well.

The Macan S DIESEL is an all-wheel-drive four-door wagon. It comes with a 75-litre fuel tank, which can carry 1230 kilometres per tank. It uses 6.1 litres per 100 kilometres of diesel. It also has a 750kg unbraked towing capacity.

It’s also possible to get a Macan T, which uses a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive. It costs about $12,000 less than the base model. It also gets a 7-inch multi-touch screen.

Ride quality

Despite its small size, the Porsche Macan S ride quality is top-notch. This sporty crossover can be as fun as it is reliable, thanks to its advanced all-wheel-drive system and rock-solid brakes. It’s a great vehicle to drive in city traffic.

It also feels light and stable around turns. The steering wheel offers intense grip levels, which helps make the Macan feel responsive to the driver’s inputs.

The steering wheel is smaller and more manageable than some crossovers. The steering system offers real-time communication, so you don’t have to look away from the road.

Macan also features an infotainment system that’s easy to use. It offers Apple CarPlay and Google search capabilities. The touchscreen can also interface with the Porsche Connect app. This app can connect you to your Amazon music account and lock doors. It also allows you to send navigation routes to the vehicle.

The Macan also has a wireless smartphone charger. It takes up space under the sliding centre armrest. The centre console includes a small tray for house keys and a key fob.

The Macan comes with a range of wheel options. You can choose 18-inch wheels, as well as 20-inch and 21-inch wheels. You can also select staggered tire sizes.

The Macan also features a three-dimensional LED taillight strip. The rear 3D lightbar is a Porsche design cue.

Performance differences from the Audi Q5

Among the most popular compact SUVs on the market today are the Audi Q5 and the Porsche Macan. Volkswagen owns them, and they’re both impressive vehicles. Check the freshest inventory of 2018 Porsche Macan=> https://amithereyetblog.com/2018-porsche-macan/

The Audi Q5 is a midsize crossover SUV that offers comfort and tech. Conversely, the Macan is a smaller version of the Porsche Cayenne. Both vehicles are fun to drive and provide good off-road capability.

There are a few performance features that set one apart from the other. The Macan S has a 375 horsepower V6 engine that can hit 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. On the other hand, the Q5 is equipped with an eight-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission.

The Q5 has an impressively large 10.9-inch touchscreen with a super sharp resolution. In addition, the Macan has a more comprehensive infotainment system with full HD resolution. It’s also got an infotainment system that uses the latest technology to show real-time traffic information.

The Macan is also better suited to driving on two-lane roads. It’s more fun to drive than the Q5 and delivers where it counts. However, the Q5 is a better overall vehicle.

The Macan is a stylish, premium, compact crossover. It features a sleek interior and a well-sorted chassis that’s capable of handling a wide variety of road conditions. It also features high-quality materials and a well-built exterior. The Macan’s suspension is stiffer than the Q5, which helps to provide a more engaging driving experience.

Fuel-saving and emissions-reducing auto start/stop system

Several automakers are deploying stop-start engine systems to improve fuel efficiency. The Porsche Macan is one of them. This feature deactivates the engine when the Macan is stopped at a traffic light. The system uses a 115-volt lithium-ion battery to generate an electric drive boost to the gas engine.

The Macan is equipped with an advanced all-wheel-drive system. It uses a sophisticated five-link double-wishbone-type system at the front and a trapezoidal double-wishbone-type design at its rear. Porsche’s PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission controls both systems. 

The basic Macan has a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It delivers 273 lb-ft of torque.

The Macan is a well-rounded vehicle, providing comfort, utility, and sportiness. It offers a variety of driving modes, including the sporty PSM Sport mode. It also features an active suspension that provides various levels of damping.

The Sport Chrono package offers an option that knocks 0.2 seconds off the 0-100km/h acceleration time. It also includes launch control. It comes with a unique performance display. This Macan is also equipped with the Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS Plus).

The Macan also features a variety of safety features. These include active braking, traction control, and a driver-alert system. This system helps detect traffic ahead and avoids nose-to-tail collisions. It also keeps the car centred in its lane without the driver’s input.


1. What are the dimensions of the 2018 Porsche Macan S?

The 2018 Porsche Macan S dimensions are as follows: length, 182.6 inches; width, 74.2 inches; height, 60.6 inches; wheelbase, 110.5 inches.

2. How much does the 2018 Porsche Macan S weigh?

The 2018 Porsche Macan S weighs 3,740 pounds.

3. What engine is in the 2018 Porsche Macan S?

The 2018 Porsche Macan S engine is a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine that produces 335 horsepower and 369 lb.-ft. Of torque.

4. What is the 0-60 mph time for the 2018 Porsche Macan S?

The 0-60 mph time for the 2018 Porsche Macan S is 5.2 seconds.


If you’re in the market for a Porsche, check out the Macan S. This fantastic vehicle offers performance and style that is hard to beat. This car will leave you breathless with a 0-60 mph time of 5.2 seconds.

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