Green Porsche Taycan Review – Best Way to Get the Most Out of the New Porsche Taycan

Porsche’s first electric vehicle, the Green Porsche Taycan, looks and feels like a Porsche. Its design is faithful to the Mission E concept car, which was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015.

The company’s newest model is available in a number of eye-catching paint colors. One such color is Neptune Blue.

Important Features

The green porsche taycan is the first model from Porsche to be fully equipped with an electric powertrain. With billions of euros spent, this was no small undertaking, and it reflects how passionate the German automaker is about making emotionally charged and future-oriented vehicles.


Those emotions come through in the design and technology inside the Taycan. Several recognizable features have been re-imagined and brought into the digital age, including the curved instrument cluster. It is intuitive, distraction-free, and easy to use.

It also comes with a display tailored to match the interior design, allowing the driver to see important information clearly. Up to four displays are available; each adapted to suit the driver’s style and ensure everything is noticed.

In addition, the Taycan also comes with a range of assistance systems that help the driver focus on the driving task rather than adjusting to the car’s behavior or taking over steering and parking functions. These include Lane Change Assist, Night Vision Assist, Active Lane Keeping, and Active Parking Support.

This is all a part of the overall effort to make life easier and more convenient for drivers while they drive. The 2021 Taycan will be offered several new options, some requiring hardware and others that can be updated via Function on Demand, Porsche’s over-the-air updates.

One of the most exciting options for the 2021 Taycan is a Dark Mode option that allows you to view critical data on the primary, 16.8-inch screen in the rear without using more energy than necessary. This helps conserve energy, giving you more range for your next charge.

As well as this, the 2021 Taycan will have an adaptive air suspension system that adjusts its ride height automatically to account for bumps and other road conditions. This feature is ideal for owners with steep driveways or who live in cities with bumpy roads.

All of this combined makes the 2021 Taycan a compelling choice for any buyer looking to experience electric mobility from a Porsche. It can be purchased in various trims to suit your needs, from the base Cross Turismo to the top-of-the-line Turbo S and everything in between.


Porsche has become famous for its driving experience, and in a world of zero emissions, the Taycan represents the next generation of performance from the brand. It promises brisk acceleration, fast charging times, and an all-electric range that’s longer than many of its rivals.

In addition, Porsche Taycan drivers are able to add driver-assistance and convenience features to their vehicles via Functions on Demand. This feature lets Taycan owners continuously update their cars as they wish, adding options such as Power Steering Plus and Active Lane Keep Assist.

porsche taycan green

A car that’s easy to use is one of the most critical factors in attracting customers. To do this, the manufacturer should ensure that all its functions and services are accessible from any device. This includes things like Apple CarPlay(r) and Android Auto(tm), allowing users to navigate through their apps while in the car and get directions to destinations.

Another factor that contributes to the overall convenience of a car is its safety. The Taycan has many safety features, including adaptive cruise control, lane-change assist, and collision and brake assist.

As a result, the Taycan is exceptionally safe to drive around town and on motorways. It also boasts several advanced features that make driving even safer, such as the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM) and Adaptive Chassis Control.

The Porsche Taycan offers a luxurious ride perfect for long journeys, with a spongy and soft feel and impressive sound suppression levels. You’ll find a free-standing curved instrument cluster and other luxury features in the cabin.

Regarding performance, the Taycan delivers on its promise of brisk acceleration and fast charging times. It can go from a standstill to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds and recharge in under half the time of a conventional 11-kW charging station.

In addition, the Porsche Taycan has an extensive range of luxury features that provide comfort and safety for passengers, such as dual advanced climate control and integrated headrests. The interior also has a Burmester(r) High-End Surround Sound System and an optional panoramic roof.


Despite its electric powertrain, the Porsche Taycan has a lot of traditional Porsche DNA. That includes a sloping roofline and a curvy bonnet with subtle air intakes. It also has the latest tech, like a curved digital driver’s display and a wireless Apple CarPlay system.

Inside, it looks just as good as any 911. The seats are Porsche’s top-of-the-line, and the steering wheel oozes craftsmanship with plenty of buttons to press. The touchscreens look slick and offer access to all the info you need, from climate control to a 10.9-inch central screen that gives you navigation options and wireless Apple CarPlay connectivity.

A wide range of safety equipment is standard, including adaptive cruise control, lane keeps assist, and a rearview camera. You can also get remote parking assistance, a 10.9-inch touchscreen for the passenger side, and Burmester surround sound.

You can even use Porsche’s InnoDrive and InnoCare systems, which automatically adapt to your driving conditions and keep you safe on the road. Then there’s the Porsche Destination Charging program, which allows you to recharge your Taycan for free at various hotels, restaurants, and airports across Europe and North America.

But the driving experience sets this car apart from many other EVs on the market. The Taycan is a pure-electric sports car capable of handling a race track and has the grip levels to handle any off-road terrain.

porsche taycan comfort

One of the significant advantages is that it doesn’t need a more extensive brake system than a conventional gasoline car thanks to recuperation: As soon as the driver depresses the brake pedal, the electric motors switch over to generation mode. During this time, the battery is charged by generating electricity from the waste heat from the motors and other parts of the car.

In addition, the Taycan avoids a lot of wasted energy during braking, which is a critical factor in maximizing range. The electric motors use a combination of regenerative braking and a braking energy regeneration system that regenerates the battery during braking to compensate for lost capacity


The Taycan is a new era for Porsche, and it’s unmistakably a sports car. The design is squat and broad, with the lowest center of gravity among any current Porsche. It has a low-slung front end with aggressive vertical air curtains, a broad stance with wide fenders, and a sculpted rear.

Inside, the Taycan is a modern-day Porsche with a redesigned cockpit. Its free-standing, curved instrument cluster is the focal point of the dashboard. A central, 10.9-inch touchscreen is integrated into this panel as well as an 8.4-inch screen in front of the driver. This displays all of the standard infotainment and handles ventilation controls as part of a Porsche Virtual Airflow Control system.

In addition, you can toggle the panoramic roof from transparent to opaque electronically, and it also features variable light control. The latter makes it possible to turn the light to a more natural, dappled setting.

There’s a lot of new technology here, too, including voice-controlled controls and an all-digital, haptic interface with touch operation. There are no physical gauges – all functions are handled by touchscreens, which work incredibly quickly and accurately.

One of the biggest surprises here is that the GTS version of the Taycan achieves a 500-kilometer WLTP range, a record for an electric car. This means it consumes between 20.3 and 24.1 kWh/100km, depending on the driving conditions and equipment.

The EV also has an awe-inspiring acceleration performance. It hits 0-62 mph in 5.4 seconds and reaches 143 mph. This is a very quick and precise 0-60 run, and it’s also very efficient – no throttling here.

porsche taycan style

Unlike many other EVs, the Taycan has an exceptionally supple and communicative steering feel, similar to Porsche’s excellent rear-wheel-steering setup. It contributes to a tight, eager turn-in and is very communicative as the tires load up mid-turn.

This makes the car easy to drive in various situations, especially on paved surfaces. It’s also surprisingly adept on ice and snow.

The Taycan also has some green options, such as club leather tanned with olive leaves and Race-Tex. This microfiber material uses recycled polyester fibers to create an entirely vegan interior. In addition, you can get the vehicle floor covered with Econyl, a microfiber made from recycled fishing nets and other materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Range Of The Taycan?

A. The GTS version of the Taycan has a WLTP-certified range of 500 kilometers (310 miles). It consumes between 20.3 and 24.1 kWh/100km, depending on conditions and equipment.

Q. How Fast Does The Taycan Go?

A. The Taycan can reach 0-62 mph in 5.4 seconds and reach 143 mph.

Q. What Kind Of Green Options Does The Taycan Have?

A. The Taycan offers several sustainable options, including club leather tanned with olive leaves, Race-Tex microfiber material made with recycled polyester fibers, and Econyl microfiber made from recycled fishing nets.

Q. What Kind Of Braking System Does The Taycan Have?

A. The electric motors use a combination of regenerative braking and a braking energy regeneration system that recovers any lost capacity during braking to maximize range. This also reduces overall energy waste.

Conclusion – Green Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is an exceptional EV that combines performance and sustainability. With a 500-kilometer WLTP range, 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds, and a host of green options like club leather tanned with olive leaves and Race-Tex microfiber made from recycled polyester fibers, the Taycan sets a new standard for electric vehicles.

It also has an exceptionally supple and communicative steering feel, contributing to its tight, eager turn-in. Whether you’re looking for a thrill on the open road or want to reduce your environmental impact, the Porsche Taycan will surely deliver.

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